Our contribution to society

We strive to change people’s lives for the better, which is why we are an active supporter of top-tier charity, social, cultural, and educational projects in Russia.
Our contribution to society

What we do


Finance social projects in Russian regions

Education development

High-quality and modern education is a must for Russia’s prosperity, which is why investment in education and development of children and youth are the top priorities of our social policy.

Through Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future, we support projects that target the digital transformation of learning, development of cutting-edge educational initiatives, conferences for schoolchildren and researchers, as well as academic competitions.

Some of our projects

School 21

SberBank’s innovative initiative designed to train globally competitive IT professionals. A free programming school, it uses the innovative French methodology of Ecole 42. The school has 1,499 students in Moscow and Kazan.

Digital school platform

An innovative training model taking into account students’ individuality and letting them plan their academic program ahead by choosing educational goals, managing the time and pace for studies, and deciding whether to study alone or join a group.

Digital Skills and Competences

The program is designed to train schoolchildren in digital skills, achieve computer literacy, master AI and ML technologies at AI-Academy. Over 4 million schoolchildren and 10,000 teachers have received training thus far.

Teacher for Russia

The program trains and supports talented and motivated specialists who graduated from Russia’s top universities with all kinds of degrees and targets those who are ready to teach in regular schools and push school education forward.

Social projects in Russian regions

We find it vital that the quality of life should improve in Russia. Therefore, we finance social projects across Russian regions, create new jobs, build and renovate infrastructure, and support domestic manufacturers.

School construction

In 2019, we financed the construction of seven schools in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Nizhny Novgorod Region, and Sverdlovsk Region which can welcome an aggregate of 6.7 thousand schoolchildren. We also contributed to the construction of nine kindergartens in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug for 2.1 thousand children.


We provide financial support to construction projects of waste processing facilities with a total annual capacity of more than 2 million metric tons of sorting and 2.5 million tons of waste disposal

Utilities and essential services

We support utility infrastructure modernization projects in Russian regions, including those affecting heat supply infrastructure. In 2019, we allocated RUB12 bn for this cause.

Environmental protection

In 2019, we injected RUB47 bn in environmental protection and renewable energy projects (see more in the Green projects section)

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44.5 bn rubles

SberBank spent on 42 projects to develop agriculture in 2019

44.5 bn rubles

SberBank spent on 42 projects to develop agriculture in 2019

44.5 bn rubles

SberBank spent on 42 projects to develop agriculture in 2019

44.5 bn rubles

SberBank spent on 42 projects to develop agriculture in 2019

44.5 bn rubles

SberBank spent on 42 projects to develop agriculture in 2019

46 bn rubles

the bank allocated for the development of transportation infrastructure


We strive to improve the quality of life in the country, including among disadvantaged social groups. Therefore, we provide targeted assistance to veterans and orphanages, develop an inclusive environment, and work with community centers and charitable foundations.

SberBank Together

Launched in partnership with Visa for purposes, this targeted charity project by SberBank helps to raise large amounts of money for charity. For example, 4,700 people who participated in the World of Open Opportunities campaign in 2019 raised RUB4.2 mn on the SberBank Together platform, which was allocated for the training of mentally challenged children.

Support the vets

Founded by the bank, the Memory of Generations Foundation provides targeted assistance to veterans, helps them get back into society and adapt to it. The foundation buys veterans medications, prostheses, helps with hospitalization and legal issues.

Kind New Year’s Gift

A fundraiser to help non-profits specializing in adapting orphans and children with special needs to education and work. More than 6,000 children have received help and support in four years

Inclusive museum

A project helping children with disabilities socialize and get therapy through art while also creating accessible environment in museums. Project members are 260+ museums across 56 regions of Russia

Community centers

The mission of the project is to enhance financial literacy, primarily among elderly people. Such community centers are being created using the infrastructure of Sberbank branches.

389.2 bn rubles

allocated to veterans and disabled people in 2019

Supporting culture


For nearly two decades now SberBank has been a partner to the Golden Mask, the most prominent theatre festival in Russia that annually presents the best performances from across Russia in Moscow. We also support Artmigration, a festival for young directors.

Art of filmmaking

We support Cinema Without Borders, an inclusive project that empowers people with disabilities in filmmaking, television, and the arts. In 2019, the bank was also the general partner of Short Meetings, a Russian short film festival in Vienna.

Circus art

Since 2010 SberBank has been supporting the Moscow International Youth Festival-Contest in circus Art that is being held to raise awareness of the best achievements in circus art in and outside Russia.


Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on 16 November 1581 was restored in 2019 with support from SberBank.


In 2019, SberBank became a strategic partner of the orchestra and choir musicAerterna. With support from SberBank, the musicAeterna symphony headed by Teodor Currentzis gave concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

596.2 mn rubles

allocated for culture in 2019

Financial literacy

Financial competence is key to a high standard of living. Therefore, we help our clients learn more about how to properly manage money, invest and protect themselves from fraud. Our project has the widest audience, from children to pensioners.

SberKids app

SberKids helps 6 to 14-year-olds master financial literacy basics while letting parents control the spending of their kids. Children can pay for their purchases, save up for a dream, get discounts, and learn more about finance.

SberCat on VK

SberCat, a social media group and a chat bot on VKontakte, was launched in 2017 targeting the young audience aged between 14 and 21 years. SberCat, an animated character, shares financial advice, tells subscribers about how they can earn and save money, organizes giveaways, presents stickers and promo codes.

Investment, the game

Investment is a virtual financial game in the form of an app designed by SberBank Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future. Within a decade in game years you need to earn as much money as possible using a variety of financial instruments. The game teaches users how to use money, make wise buying decisions, invest, and avoid risks.

Security for everyone

Your Security, a section on SberBank’s official website, covers personal cybersecurity tips that will help users protect themselves from fraud. There’s a training course called “Don't let yourself be fooled” for SberBank Online app users, which has the same mission.

Basics of finance for everyone

Stories containing life hacks and useful tips, along with information about the Sber ecosystem, are posted on Sber’s Zen.Yandex blog and on the bank’s website. On Investments.Easy to Understand you’ll find investment tips for novice and professional investors.

67 million people

the 2019-2020 outreach of SberBank’s education-related communications

Active age

Active Age, a website for modern and active pensioners, uploads materials covering different topics, and financial literacy is one of them. The materials include courses, tests, webinars, video lessons, and offline and online lectures about finance throughout Russia.

#ФинансыДоступно (friendly finance)

Addressing the issues of finance and banking services, #ФинансыДоступно is a special project for people with disabilities. For hearing-impaired people, there are sign language videos about finance and banking services, while blind people can access audios and videos about SberBank Online. The outreach figures for 2020 are 4.8 million and 3.5 million people, respectively.

Program for orphans

SberBank Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future launched an education initiative in 2019 to guide orphans through the world of finance, training them to use money wisely, make simple financial transactions, and not be tricked by scammers.

Financial Literacy

The mission of this program is to assist with the formation of financially literate people and society through education tools covering finance, economics and law for educators, parents and children from 5 to 18 years old. Young Financier, one of Financial Literacy courses, was taken by 4,000 schoolchildren (2020 data).

Delovaya Sreda

Dasreda.ru, a platform uniting data and services for businesses, is a collaborative project run by SberBank and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. The platform offers relevant information and services for budding entrepreneurs and mature business people.

"Sber Financial Literacy Program" won the "Best Social Project in Russia" award in the "Education and Science" category