Sber’s ethical principles of artificial intelligence

Why do we need ethical principles of artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is changing our lives

Sber is actively using, developing and implementing AI technologies that gained professionals’ and customers’ confidence. Today, AI has already proved itself to be a mature industry technology supporting humans in solving complex specialized tasks in various areas.

Supercomputer Christophari. The main purpose is to train neural networks

Gain confidence

We believe AI is able to improve our life. At the same time, we realize the this technology poses some challenges and threats. Among them are the risks of systems getting out of control and doing harm to individuals and the society as a whole, the risk of unauthorized use of AI.

Ethical principles of AI usage are our answer to these challenges.

Our goal is to use the systems and technologies that gained confidence of our customers.

Digital twin of TV presenter based on artificial intelligence technologies

Ethical principles of AI

AI systems controllability and manageability

The processes of development and usage of AI in Sber are secure, manageable and controllable to the maximum extent possible. Sber takes into account potential risks posed by AI technologies and keeps them under control to prevent AI system from doing harm to humans. The implementation of AI in Sber has never been a goal in itself, we only use the technologies that our customers, employees and the public have trust in.

Transparent and predictable AI systems operation

Sber is responsible for using AI in its operations and aims at providing maximum transparency, internal control and predictability of the process and the outcomes. Sber uses AI technologies in compliance with applicable regulations, including confidentiality requirements, and respect for human privacy as well as trade secrets. We never use AI systems to unlawfully process personal information of individuals or Sber’s corporate customers.

Stability and reliability of AI systems

Sber ensures the stability and reliability of AI systems and the availability of necessary equipment, creates favorable conditions for developing and deploying reliable AI systems. Sber is adhering to strictest guarantees of all human rights and freedoms when using AI supporting solely lawful AI applications.

Responsible AI usage

Needs of customers and employees are always in the focus of Sber’s attention, while AI technologies should be used to improve customer experience. Sber is very scrupulous about any concerns that emerge in connection with AI usage.

Unbiased AI

Sber uses AI technologies fairly and in an unbiased manner ensuring equality for everyone. Sber’s goal is to ensure that AI technologies are used to the benefit of the humanity.

This description of our principles is not final. It is only the first step on the way to the adequate and prudent approach towards AI ethics.

How do we implement AI ethical principles

We established a dedicated working group within ESG Committee to implement AI ethical principles in Sber. It became the first in Russia dedicated body for solving challenging ethical issues of AI.

Mission of the working group:

  1. Be responsible for implementing Sber AI principles
  2. Conduct the expert review of risks related to AI technologies usage in Sber and assess their implications
  3. Monitor the effects of implementing principles and how they are viewed by the public