SberBank’s Code of Corporate Ethics

The Code of Corporate Ethics contains the behavior standards maintained by the bank and Sberbank Group companies. The Code of Corporate Ethics is meant for each member of the Sberbank Group team.

Precision and accuracy, responsibility and being true to your word, knowledge and compliance play a key role in the financial world. All these are reflected in SberBanks Code of Corporate Ethics, which relies on international practices taking SberBanks peculiarities into account.

Sergey Ignatiev,

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SberBank

What the Code is for

SberBank’s Code of Corporate Ethics helps employees and managers timely identify the situations contradicting SberBanks ethical principles.

The Code of Corporate Ethics is based on the banks mission and values ensuring an honest and fair attitude to the members of our team, customers, partners, as well as compliance with laws and internal policies.

SberBank Code of Corporate Ethics

Compliance with ethical principles at the workplace

We treasure our reputation, follow ethical principles, and discharge the obligations we assumed at all times and under any circumstances. We treat our co-workers, customers, partners, and everyone else with whom we come into contact with respect and goodwill. We bear the responsibility for the outcomes of our work and the workplace environment.

Adherence to ethical business practices

We have zero tolerance for non-ethical practices of doing business in any form and require that all members of our team strictly comply with laws and the banks internal policies.

Information disclosure

We want our customers, employees, partners, shareholders, and investors to have full and balanced information regarding our operations. We strive to be open and pro-active in our communications. We protect the confidential information concerning our customers, other information protected by law, and data that might impact our competitive edge.

Responsible leadership

Being one of the largest financial institutions in Russia, SberBank is particularly responsible for how its actions may influence the economic, social, and environmental development of the countrys regions where it operates and local communities.

Responsibility for the violation of the Code

The Sberbank Group employees who dont comply with the provisions of the Code may face disciplinary measures according to the procedures established in the labor code.

Non-compliance with legal requirements, including but not limited to counteracting corruption, the misuse of insider information, and violation of banking secrecy will incur liability, including criminal one, under the law.

Have you faced non-compliance with the Code?

Please report any Code of Corporate Ethics violations you are aware of, including:

  • Conflict of interest control
  • Counteracting corruption
  • Protection of insider information
  • Market manipulations

Please address the Compliance Hotline, which also accepts anonymous messages.

Any information the Compliance Hotline receives is confidential.