Employee development

A new quality of employee working in an efficient team is one of SberBank’s policy priorities.
Employee development
We want our employees to be proud to work at SberBank and willing to recommend us to their friends and loved ones as an employer. To that end, we are improving our HR services, conducting studies on employee involvement, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and guaranteeing honest and equitable career opportunities.

What we’re doing

Corporate culture

The process of transforming our group of companies into a technological ecosystem requires a new outlook on corporate standards.

This resulted in our formulation of key cultural points for Sberbank 2.0. Our priorities are accountability for impact, personal improvement, team development, and the growth of our ecosystem for the benefit of the country.

Personal and team development for high productivity

  • Digital, design, and soft skills
  • Flexible work: working from home, part-time employment
  • Stress and energy management with #SberTeam100years

Building a comprehensive SberBank ecosystem

  • An internal and external ecosystem – great products for staff and clients
  • Ecosystem staff ambassadors

Pride in work that benefits the country and motivation to do more

  • The ability to change the country for the better and set new standards of life through our daily work
  • ESG, our social mission

Our updated corporate culture lays the groundwork for the engineering culture necessary for SberBank’s growth as a tech company and employee retention.


of employees polled in an engagement survey see SberBank as a tech company


of employees surveyed are proud that they work at SberBank

+14 pp.

employees that enjoy working at SberBank because of the corporate culture and comfortable working environment (in 2019, compared to 2018)

+13 pp.

increase in mentor and visionary styles of leadership in 2019. Authoritative leadership style also fell by 13 pp.

Employee communication is part of our corporate culture

SberBank considers it important to encourage dialogue with its employees, ensure that the system of internal communications functions efficiently, and give employees the opportunity to provide feedback.

Corporate communication channels

Employees stay promptly informed on the company not only through newsletters and internal portal content, but also through SberBank TV.

Open Dialogue

CEO Herman Gref has held live call-in sessions with SberBank employees yearly since 2011. Open Dialogue allows employees to convey their thoughts to the CEO and ask pressing questions. It also allows the leadership to stay on top of employee concerns.

Complaints and queries

All SberBank employees are able to file a complaint through the internal portal or the SberFriend app. Following consideration, the employee will receive a response from HR.


the engagement index remains consistently high, as high as that of successful companies

1,600 complaints

on the topic of labor relations were received from employees in 2019. All were replied to individually.

Professional development

SberBank provides employees with a wide variety of opportunities for personal development and training.

Educational programs

Employees have access to various educational programs both through the Corporate University and the Virtual School.

Smart services

These services promote employee growth and career management: Smart-profile (information about employees’ skills and preferences), Smart-career (AI-generated career recommendations based on employees’ qualifications and experience), Smart-development (a personalized instrument for training materials), and the My Team HR service.


Should employees be interested, this program helps them to, in accordance with their interests, learn a new profession or change their area of activity and switch to another company in the ecosystem or partner structures.

240,000 specialists

completed training activities in various areas in 2019.

50,000 employees

annually obtain new knowledge and are taught new skills through the Sberbank Corporate University.

Over 25,000

SberBank executives completed soft skills training programs in self-management and people management

Employee health and well-being


#SberTeam100years is the bank’s healthy lifestyle promotion program, through which the company seeks to help employees create healthy habits that improve their health and prolong their lives. The program encompasses all areas of physical and mental health.

Psychological support

This is included in the VHI program in the form of telehealth. It is available to all insured employees throughout the country.


This course for the development of mindfulness practices promotes stress tolerance and burnout prevention.

Health assessment

The bank has three health assessment services: a preventive screening (available to all employees through their VHI once every two years), a digital service to assess biological age, and a comprehensive health evaluation for executives.

The bank also regularly evaluates working conditions, promotes workplace safety, and organizes sporting events for employees and their families, e.g. the International Summer Sberbankiada.

Volunteer movement

Thousands of our employees volunteer in projects: aiding orphanages and veterans, caring for the elderly and people with disabilities, and protecting the environment.

SberBank supports its team’s philanthropic initiatives by organizing a volunteering fair and a community project competition. These events allow staff to learn more about the work of nonprofits and how to help overcome social issues. Employees can also discuss their own projects.

Over 4,000 employees are already registered on SberBank Volunteers, our special online platform for helping volunteers organize their own projects and encourage their colleagues to get involved. SberBank Volunteers members can post news, educational content, and video courses.

10,000 employees

took part in volunteer projects in 2019

1,000+ volunteer projects

implemented in 2019