How Sber is going paperless

Ten million hectares of forests and woodlands, an area four times the size of Moscow, disappear from the face of the planet every year. We do not want forests to vanish for good, which is why one of Sber’s main ESG goals spelled out in Strategy 2023 is to reduce hard-copy paperwork by 30% per year. Here is what we are doing to achieve this goal.

Using less paper

We reduce our paper-based workflow every year, with an ever-increasing number of customer and in-house documents going digital.

Paper consumed at PJSC Sberbank, reams of paper A4 reams

“We now strive to use paper only when we cannot avoid it. For instance, when complying with legal requirements or when customers ask us to. We view the abandonment of paper as part of our ESG agenda designed to minimize Sber’s environmental footprint.”

Alexander Vedyakhin
Senior Vice President of Sberbank

2020 results:

742 mn sheets of paper
paper consumption reduction in 2020
metric tons of paper saved
trees saved
60 km
height of stack of paper saved

Recycling paper waste

We go beyond paper use reduction by giving paper a second life. The paper we send for recycling is being used to make cup holders, cardboard, napkins, and raw materials for road surfaces.

Weight of recycled paper

Services requiring no paper

We explain to customers at our branches how they can show environmental awareness. Over 70% of our clients throughout Russia have agreed to paperless financial transactions and are ready to hand over their bank cards for recycling.

Join us if you want to take care of the environment too! Here are some examples of how you can skip using paper at Sberbank.

Loan applications

You can apply for a loan on SberBank Online. If you are more used to receiving services at a bank branch, our customer managers will show you a loan agreement on a tablet. You can then approve it with your bank card and receive an electronic copy by e-mail or SberBank Online.

Mortgages on DomClick

Mortgage applications and supporting documentation can be submitted electronically. You can then ask for a real estate appraisal report, a statement to claim a tax deduction or maternity capital, a statement on your loan balance, and your payment history.

Statements and receipts

You can order statements on cards, deposits, accounts, details for remittances, receipts, and many more documents in SberBank Online’s Statements and Receipts sections.

If you are asked to confirm the payment of government fees – taxes, fines, or duties – you do not need to turn on your printer to print out a document. This is outdated and not eco-friendly.

An online receipt or online banking statement is often enough, and you can show it on a screen.

Claim insurance payouts

You can apply for insurance payouts using the SberInspection app by SberInsurance, which removes the need to visit the insurer with hard copies.

If something happens to your apartment, you can send all the documents to the insurer online.

A paperless employer

When they are hired, new Sber employees sign most of their documents electronically. When leaving the company, they sign them with a digital signature. Sick leave is also mostly electronic at Sberbank.

Some of our other plans

Recycle 40% of waste by 2023.
The recycling rate stands at 28% in 2021.
Completely refrain
from storing paper sheets and printing on bank premises, refrain from using shredders, replace computers with tablets
Create green rates:
e-transactions to be cheaper than in-person ones