Visit SberBank’s first eco-friendly office

SberBank’s first eco-friendly office opened its doors at 21, Vorovsky St. in Khabarovsk in February 2021. It was the first bank branch in Russia to be designed according to green principles.

The goal of this experiment was to understand if the work of a bank branch could be organized in such a way that its impact on the environment was minimal and at the same time to encourage clients to join the environmental movement.

Let’s go on a short virtual tour of our green office.

The recycled materials

The area adjacent to the entrance is paved with a special type of sett based on recycled polyethylene, cement, and sand.

The rugs in the office are made from old tires that were used on Sber corporate vehicles.

25 %

of materials used in the construction of the office were recycled

The tables and chairs in the waiting area and children’s play area are also made from recycled plastic

Engineering equipment that saves.

All processes at the office are set up to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Special equipment makes it possible to reduce the resources used – electricity, water, and thermal energy. Motion sensors and LED lamps are installed everywhere. Panoramic windows on both sides provide the office with natural lighting, allowing employees to keep the lights off longer. A modern water supply system reduces water pressure and supply.

The branch is also equipped with a vending machine, so that each visitor can join the international BYOM (bring your own mug) movement.

Rewards for refusing printouts.

Clients are offered the option to not print out optional documents and are told how to find them in SberBank Online. If a client refuses printouts, employees reward them with a symbol of their aid in support of the environment – a leaf that they can attach to a symbolic tree.

The tree displays the total contribution to forest conservation. Each leaf is a reward for not printing out documents.

«We will be recommending that clients drop the use of paper and only print out documents required by legislation or the ones they themselves need. We will also be offering to issue plastic-free cards. I think this will serve as the beginning and continuation of a long path to reducing our national and urban carbon footprints.»

Natalya Krasulina
manager of the Sberbank head office for Khabarovsk Krai

Waste sorting.

Special containers are installed in the office for everything from aluminum cans and paper to gloves, masks, and batteries. Expired bank cards will now be recycled instead of destroyed.


plastic bottles sent to be recycled in one month

Unnecessary documents not containing confidential information will be shredded and used as box filler for fragile items delivered by SberLogistics
The first reverse vending machine in the Russian Far East is installed at the office. It accepts and crushes plastic bottles

In the future, the unique bank branch will host environmental events, campaigns, and eco-quests for schoolchildren and microdistrict residents: e.g., collection days for waste paper, plastic, Dobrye Kryshechki (Kind Caps, a Russian eco-charity volunteer project), and more.

The result of a month’s work at the eco office

reduction in paper consumption (sheets)
expected reduction in water and thermal energy consumption
expired bank cards brought to the bank branch

The eco-friendly branch in Khabarovsk encapsulates our best green practices. It is a unique project in Russia to date. That said, Sber plans to open 11 green branches nationwide by the end of the year – one for each territorial bank – and introduce various eco-friendly elements in almost one thousand branches across Russia.

Alexander Vedyakhin
First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank