SberInsurance to protect against severe illnesses

Jan 13, 2022

SberInsurance, a Sber subsidiary, has marketed an insurance program against life-threatening diseases called “Protection against Severe Illnesses”, which offers treatment in and outside Russia, even when a policy has expired 120 days ago or less.

The new product covers cancer risks, the need for cardio and neurosurgical operations, and bone marrow transplantation. The program comes in two options: treatment in Russia or treatment in Russia, Spain, South Korea, Israel, and Turkey. If the treatment is impossible in the countries specified in the contract, it will be organized in another state. Insurance coverage also varies depending on the program option. In the first case, the risk limit for cancer, heart diseases and neurosurgery is RUB 6 mn and RUB 20 mn in case of bone marrow transplantation. Under the second program, the limits are RUB 20 mn and RUB 85 mn, respectively.

Natalya Alymova, senior vice president, head of Wealth Management, Sberbank:

“Unfortunately, full protection from severe diseases has not been invented yet, and they are a serious challenge for people and their families. We wish our clients health, but if a life-threatening disease is suddenly diagnosed during the next checkup, SberInsurance will not only pay for the treatment, but also organize it completely. We will select the right hospital, cover the costs of transportation to the place of treatment and accommodation for the patient and one accompanying person, help with the paperwork, and provide visa support. Importantly, the coverage includes payment for medicines during outpatient treatment, as well as psychological support for the patient. This will facilitate recovery as much as possible and help relatives save their physical and mental energy and time, allowing them to focus on the vital issues.”

Policies are valid for three years, with premiums paid yearly in equal amounts and rates depending on the program option and the age of the client. Available to adults up to 67 years old and children from 0 years old, policies can be purchased on the website of SberInsurance, Sber, and the SberBank Online mobile application.