Sberentertainment enters gaming industry

Apr 28, 2021

Sberentertainment announces the launch of SberGames, its own gaming business, which will complement the Sber ecosystem entertainment industry.

SberGames will be a segment of Sber’s entertainment industry and will be managed by Sber subsidiary Sberentertainment.

Alisa Chumachenko will be at the helm of the new business. Alisa, who has extensive experience in the gaming industry, founded Game Insight, one of the leading mobile game developers in Europe, and previously served as Astrum Online Entertainment’s Vice President of Marketing. Under her leadership, SberGames will form a team and establish a production center, publishing house, and internal development studio this year, as well as various gaming-adjacent services. The games and services launched on the Russian market under the SberGames brand will benefit from all the advantages of the Sber integrated ecosystem and the SberPlay cloud platform. Chumachenko and her team will address the plans for the development of this area in more detail at the first SmartDev tech conference for developers on May 20, 2021 (

As part of the formation of its gaming business, Sber also signed non-binding documents and is in talks to acquire GOSU Data Lab. Founded by Alisa Chumachenko, the company develops the GOSU Voice Assistant for gamers and the GOSU Data Platform for gaming data analysis, which will be integrated into Sber’s new line of business.

Further development of GOSU Voice Assistant will take place within the Sber infrastructure, with the voice assistant complementing games to be released by the publisher. GOSU Data Platform will support partner studios in testing new gaming hypotheses and will help improve the user experience through content customization.

There are many reasons for which investing in the gaming industry is a logical and timely step to take. Gaming is one of most fast-paced areas of development in digital business, and it often serves as a driver of innovation. Leading global tech companies are developing games both as a prospective business and as a tool for communication, education, and the creation of communities. Games also have immense export potential and are highly attractive to investors. In this particular instance, they also have great synergies with the Sber ecosystem. This field has a bright future, and we are pleased to welcome a professional like Alisa Chumachenko to the team as the leader of this line of business that is new to us.

Tatyana Dobrokhvalova

Senior Vice President, Sberbank; CEO, Sberentertainment

As game developers from Russia, we know how to make quality games that are played by hundreds of millions of people. Sber has put together a very strong team, and with their help we will build a successful company that is capable of becoming a market leader.

Working in the framework of the Sber ecosystem will enable us to win over the audience quickly and will provide new opportunities for game developers on the Russian market. I am convinced that we will establish a variety of studios with talented staff and launch a good deal of great games. We have it in our power not only to create a new company, but also to transform the global gaming industry.

Alisa Chumachenko

CEO, SberGames