180 days before 180th birthday: how Sberbank plans to celebrate its anniversary with clients

May 13, 2021

Sberbank is celebrating its 180th birthday this year. On November 12, 1841, Emperor Nicholas I signed a decree establishing savings banks in Russia “to make savings in a reliable and profitable way therethrough.”

May 12, 180 days to Sber’s 180th anniversary, will be the launch of a celebratory series of events for Sber’s clients, partners, and employees. Events will take place in all regions of the country, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, and will serve as a vital element of the festivities. There will, of course, also be special offers for Sber’s retail and corporate clients, making Sber’s 180th year a particularly advantageous one for using Sber services.

Senior Vice President and Director of Sberbank’s Marketing and Communications Department Vladislav Kreynin noted at a press conference that one of the first features launched in the lead-up to the anniversary was a historical timeline dedicated to major events and milestones in Sberbank’s history, as well as important dates and interesting facts. The timeline is available on the bank’s website.

One of the key events in the festivities is Sber’s summer festival starring the Turetsky Choir, set to take place in 20 cities nationwide. The program will feature music and entertainment and will display the diversity of the Sber ecosystem, with unique offerings appealing to a broad audience.

On May 15, the International Day of Families, a large-scale ESG program consisting of environmental, social, and humanitarian events will begin. The program will see a number of promo campaigns take place nationwide, promoting greening strategies, natural area cleanup, trash recycling, awareness-raising events, marathons advocating eco-friendly and healthy lifestyles, philanthropic initiatives, and volunteer projects.

Another special event marking Sber’s 180th anniversary is the Green Marathon on June 5, World Environment Day, dedicated to environmental issues and conscious consumption. As part of the marathon’s charity activities, 180,000 trees will be planted.

A team of five bloggers will embark on internships in various departments to explore how Sber works from the inside as part of a reality show on TikTok. This same topic will be highlighted in the series Life at Sber. The goal of the Salute, We’re on the Lookout for Talent! competition is to find Sber’s most colorful employees. The finale of the competition will take the form of a special show around New Year’s Eve.

SberConf, Sber’s major product conference, will take place in autumn 2021. Sber’s new innovative products and services for all occasions will be presented at the conference, alongside attractive offers about how to use them.

Finally, Green Day, the most profitable day in the year and now a November tradition, will take on an entirely new format and enable clients to take advantage of Sber ecosystem services under the most favorable conditions.

We are now 180 days away from November 12 and at the starting point of a great celebratory journey for Sber, and we invite all our clients and partners to join us. All events and activities in this anniversary year will be held as part of our 180th birthday festivities. We are convinced that Sberbank’s age emphasizes not only its reliability and thoroughness, but also that it is constantly growing, searching for new meaning, and creating new opportunities for people. Our goal is to offer clients a wide variety of possibilities through our festivities and activities.

Vladislav Kreynin

Senior Vice President, Director of the Marketing and Communications Department, Sberbank

The Sber ecosystem currently consists of 85 companies, with 98.2 mn retail clients and 2.7 mn corporate clients in 18 countries enjoying the services provided by the bank and its ecosystem, 90% of which are available online. Every day, 30 mn people use the SberBank Online mobile app or its web version, a pocket bank that allows you to manage your finances 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Sberbank’s superior customer experience is ensured by its 286,000 employees and the 40,000 employees of the companies in the ecosystem, with 89% proud to work at Sber.

Sber is developing both its online and offline service formats. The bank’s vast physical network of over 14,000 branches is one of its main competitive strengths.