Government of Saint Petersburg and Speech Technology Center Group sign memorandum on cooperation under Smart City program

Aug 30, 2019

August 30, 2019, Saint Petersburg — Alexander Beglov, Acting Governor of Saint Petersburg, and Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, the CEO of Speech Technology Center Group (STC), have signed a memorandum on strategic cooperation thus acknowledging the efficiency of cooperation to improve the city IT infrastructure. The memorandum was inked at the Digital Forum held in Saint Petersburg on August 29-30.

Government agencies in Saint Petersburg, including the Heath Care Committee and magistrates’ courts authorities, already use STC products to register phone calls and improve city services in the 112 System. In 2018, STC’s face recognition solution was integrated into the Saint Petersburg CCTV system when creating the Safe City Hardware and Software Framework, which was the first stage of the large-scale smart security system introduction in Saint Petersburg. STC’s face recognition technology is gradually becomeing an integral part of Smart City projects.

Saint Petersburg is the world’s first city with a biometric stadium. In 2014, STC introduced a biometric face recognition system at the Petrovsky Stadium. The solution became a sports standard. Today the largest ice rinks and stadiums use STC’s solution to be safe and comfortable for visitors. STC’s solutions are already part of the Safe City Framework and Smart City concepts in five Russian regions.

“We live in the digital area. Today smart technology affects the economic growth and determines the quality of life. Digital technology use is our top priority in city development as it enables us to reach a new level of the city management,” said Alexander Beglov at the forum.

Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO, Speech Technology Center Group,

“The biometric solutions, speech synthesis and recognition along with speech analytics technologies help improve the transportation infrastructure, public utilities services, and health care system. The city environment gets transformed based on our solutions, becoming more efficient, open, and convenient for residents. I’m sure that scaling up the successful cases that we implemented in Saint Petersburg will help other regions adopt the best practices.”