SberSpasibo loyalty program rolls out campaign with tagline Reward Points Under Tree

Dec 29, 2020

The SberSpasibo loyalty program has marketed a unique campaign ahead of New Year, letting customers give reward points to other program members without limitations on privilege levels.

From December 29 through December 31, SberSpasibo loyalty program participants, no matter what their privilege level is, can send their reward points to friends and close ones.

To send points you need to:

• Open the SberSpasibo app’s Reward Points Sending section 

• Choose the number of reward points you’d like to send as a gift 

• Input the recipient data and tap on Send.

More campaign details are available here.

We create a New Year mood for our clients in all kinds of ways — for only three days before the holidays you can give reward points to friends and family, regardless of the sender's privilege level. It’s an excellent option for those who are out of ideas for original gifts because in exchange for points a recipient can take advantage of the lucrative offers from our partners

Andrey Pisarev

Director of the Loyalty Division at Sberbank, CEO of SberSpasibo Loyalty Program