Sber organizes quiz for Earth Day

Apr 28, 2021

Users can test their knowledge about our planet and the environment in SberQuiz, organized by Sber in honor of Earth Day, and learn how to reduce their environmental impact.

How to play

People can play by themselves or in teams by opening the platform, creating a team, and sending an invitation link to their friends. The game starts once the team is formed. If a participant does not have their own team, they will need to wait for other participants to join.

Quiz participants compete against other teams by answering trivia questions. The quiz is composed of six rounds, takes 15-20 minutes, and can be started at any time.

Earth Day has become a universal and symbolic celebration of love and care for the planet. By observing it, we are displaying a responsible attitude toward the environment. On this day, people from all corners of the world who are concerned about environmental issues organize events aimed at promoting a cleaner planet and a more responsible approach to resources. The SberQuiz team has developed a set of questions about our planet and the environment especially for Earth Day and invites everyone to take part in this fun trivia challenge.

Sergey Maltsev

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank