National Corporate Governance Rating of Sberbank raised

Nov 08, 2019

November, 2019, Moscow — The National Corporate Governance Rating of Sberbank PJSC has been raised to NCGR 8+ for Advanced Corporate Governance Practices.

When Russian Institute of Directors was making the annual corporate governance assessment of Sberbank, the National Corporate Governance Rating or NCGR of the bank was raised to NCGR 8+ from NCGR 8. Sberbank became the first company to be rated this high for its corporate governance standards and practices in the history of the rating, since 2004.

The bank reaffirmed its leadership in the introduction of best corporate governance practices among Russian companies with NCGR.

According to the National Corporate Governance Rating, an NCGR 8+ company complies with the Russian regulations on corporate governance and follows a significant part of recommendations of the Russian Corporate Governance Code. The risks of owner losses related to the quality of the corporate governance are insignificant.