Sber Trading Swiss AG portfolio reaches USD3 bn

Jan 20, 2021

Sber Trading Swiss AG, an unregulated trading company based in Zug, Switzerland, has summed up its 2020 performance. Established in October 2019, the company became a main hub of Sber’s international commodity trading.

Having built the infrastructure and operational model from scratch, our new trading company has delivered excellent financial results in just over six months of operation. Our colleagues at Sber Trading Swiss AG have managed to close landmark deals in energy, agriculture, and base metals sectors closing year with the portfolio of USD3 bn, and show operational profit amid the complicated circumstances of the coronavirus crisis.

Anatoly Popov

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

Sber Trading Swiss AG offers its customers:

  • International commodity financing via prepayment and deferred payment structures;
  • International purchase and sale of physical commodities;
  • Monetization of reserves (commodity REPO) for crude oil and oil products, natural gas, bulk, agriculture products, and base metals.

As an addition to financing company provides a full range of expertise, acting as a buyer of physical commodities and as hedging provider for its clients. The nearest plans are to extend company’ products line and further expansion into international commodity markets, relying on strong deals pipeline and client relations with commodities producers in Russia and the CIS.