“Salute, I want pizza!” – Salute virtual assistants on Sber smart devices trained to order take-out from Delivery Club

Oct 19, 2021

The Salute virtual assistants embedded in Sber’s smart devices can now be asked to order food from Delivery Club. To place an order, just say, “Salute, I’m hungry!” and then specify your request (for instance, “I want a Margherita”). The Salute assistants will then display only the companies and menu items that the user is interested in.

This Salute skill revolutionizes our idea of ordering take-out food due to the new interaction framework – from now on, you can choose food on a big screen, which is convenient both when you are alone or with friends, and you can simply voice your request instead of browsing a menu for a long time. The Delivery Club catalog can now be accessed during a movie, and you can just say, “Salute, I want a burger”, “Salute, order sushi”, or “Salute, I want some khinkalis”, and your favorite dish will pop up on the screen right away, ready for ordering.

Delivery Club take-out food can be ordered using Sber’s smart devices SberBox and SberBox Top plugged in to any TV, as well as using TVs with Salute TV on board. The skill will soon become available to users of the Sber Salute and SberBank Online apps, and other smart devices by Sber.

Konstantin Kruglov, senior vice president for new digital surfaces at Sberbank and CEO of SberDevices:

“The Salute assistants learn new skills continuously to finish users’ sentences and offer them the ultimate service. When the assistants were marketed, they were capable of ordering snacks, but then the list of products became much wider. With access to Delivery Club, users of Sber smart devices can order take-out from a dozen thousand restaurants throughout the country. Ordering food with voice using a TV screen will appeal to both a big company of friends, and family guys who cherish comfort and convenience.”

Delivery Club is available in 300+ cities of Russia, letting users of smart devices appreciate take-out ordering with the Salute assistants across the nation.