Sber opens multimedia fountain in Lipetsk

Sep 20, 2021

A light and music fountain, which was created with support from Sber, has been inaugurated on the square by the Zvyozdny sports arena in the city of Lipetsk, Russia.

With its cladding and water paintings mimicking the movement of planets around the Sun, the fountain has six modes of operation – static, dynamic, light/dynamic, light/music, children's play, projection – and the ‘diameter’ of 25 meters.

Igor Artamonov, governor of Lipetsk Region:

“Locals have always loved this place, but nothing had been repaired here for years, and the old fountain was in poor condition. When we came up with the reconstruction idea​​, we invited the townspeople to choose a project. The space theme won. Today we see that the square has really turned out to be cosmic in every sense. Naturally, the multimedia fountain stands out the most. This is already the second public space reconstructed together with Sber. I am sure that the renovated square near the Zvezdny arena will become a place of attraction just like the Bykhanov Garden.”

Nearly 500 jets can create water patterns like a water screen, swan wings, fogs, individually controlled vertical and inclined jets, foam pillars, tents, and traveling waves.

Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“I am confident that this fountain will become an adornment of the square and the entire city. After all, this is not just a tourist attraction – it is a multimedia fountain that can be used in educational projects, as an interactive element at local fests and in other entertainment projects to give joy and positive emotions to residents and guests of the city.”

The fountain can project videos and laser shows using modern laser and projection equipment. This is the 22nd fountain inaugurated by Sberbank. Similar ones can be found in Peterhof, Saratov, Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad, Voronezh, Vladimir, Ryazan, Perm, Novosibirsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Izhevsk, Kursk, Minsk, Rostov-on-Don, Penza, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok and other cities.