250,000 self-employed sign up to use Sber’s Svoe Delo service

Nov 27, 2020

Russia signed a bill introducing special taxation for the self-employed into law on November 27, 2018. Today, self-employment taxes are collected in all parts of Russia, and November 27 has become Self-Employed Day, a holiday for all self-employed people.

These days, any Russian national can register as a self-employed using the Svoe Delo option inside the SberBank Online mobile application in just a couple of minutes, without going to the tax office or the bank. This unlocks a free service package, which not only allows you to generate online receipts and pay self-employed taxes online but also contains a wide range of services that the self-employed will find useful.

To celebrate Self-Employed Day, Sber has launched a special project to tell unusual stories of people who make money being their own bosses and doing the things they love.

The Svoe Delo service has about 250,000 registered self-employed members in all regions of Russia already. I sincerely congratulate all self-employed people on their professional holiday and wish them to run their business successfully with the help of our services, which we continue to develop and improve every day.

Alexey Shashkin

Director of Small and Micro-Sized Business, Sberbank

The Svoe Delo bundle for the self-employed includes:

  • registration
  • receipt operations (issuance, history, cancellation)
  • tax payments
  • digital card
  • online registration and accounting of customers
  • document constructor
  • lawyer consultations
  • training course by Delovaya Sreda via a messaging app
  • specialized services: liability insurance, pension insurance, CRM, etc.
More details on the Svoe Delo service are available on the bank’s website.