Sberbank launches education project dedicated to dealing with bad debt

Feb 13, 2020
  • Academy.Sberbank section on LF Acedemy website features video lectures by Sberbank’s Troubled Assets Department on the pressing issues of bankruptcy and debt recovery through court
  • Taking a small proficiency test on the website can be your first step to becoming a Sberbank employee

February 13, 2020, Moscow — Sberbank and LF Academy, an educational website for lawyers, have teamed up to launch a project called Academy.Sberbank.

The Academy.Sberbank section features video lectures by Sberbank’s Troubled Assets Department on the pressing issues of bankruptcy, debt recovery through court, and work with bad debt in general.

Any lawyer can take a small proficiency test on the website to see whether he/she is as qualified as Sberbank employees recovering debt through court are. The results will be automatically sent to the bank’s HR department. This may be the first step to becoming a Sberbank employee.

The bank expects this collaboration to enjoy demand on behalf of the professional community and is set to work on the website, taking into account users’ feedback.

Yevgeny Akimov, Head of the Enforced Collection and Bankruptcy Division, Sberbank,

“Our project is practice-oriented. It unveils the nuances of dealing with troubled assets, clarifies the peculiarities of systemic lender’s participation in bankruptcy cases and lets you learn about Sberbank’s unique bankruptcy-related services. It’s a great opportunity to acquire competences crucial to one’s professional development for free and get a chance to join the Sberbank team.”

LF Academy is an innovative education project that combines unique knowledge and experience of the leading jurists with broadest technological capabilities of online education. The goal of the project is to create a legal environment with participants sharing common values: a passion for self-improvement and a wish to make the existing legal system better. On the website, leading legal experts share their expertise and professional experience, contributing to modern jurisprudence and guiding those who wish to become the best in their trade. It’s a place where you can watch video lectures by well-known Russian professionals in any law branches and aspects. The venue was created by the organizers of Russia’s largest law event, the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.