Sberbank rolls out automatic transfers to cards of other banks

Jun 25, 2020

June 25, 2020, Moscow — Sberbank keeps evolving its services for automatic money transfers between cards. The new type of automatic transfers from a Sberbank debit card to a credit or debit card issued by another bank will let customers save time and effort freeing them from repeating the same transaction.

The service can be activated via the Sberbank Online mobile app in the Payments section by going to Automatic Payments and Transfers and choosing To Card at Another Bank. You’ll get an SMS message or a push notification saying the option has been enabled and stating the size and date of the upcoming transfer and the numbers of cards money will be debited from and credited to.

You can set the automatic payment timeline that suits you best, be it daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Remittances are capped at RUB150,000 a day and charged a 1.5% fee, which will not be under RUB30. When enabling the option your account doesn’t need to be in the black, you only need to have enough money on your card when it’s time for the automatic transfer.

One day before the automatic transfer you’ll get an SMS text reminding you of the upcoming transaction, its size, and fee. The text will also feature a cancellation code, which can be texted back to 900 to cancel the upcoming automatic transfer while leaving the next ones intact. On the day of the automatic transfer, you’ll get an SMS message or a push notification stating the numbers of cards money will be debited from and credited to, the value and charges of the transfer. Automatic transfers can be edited, suspended, resumed, or canceled at any time.

Kirill Dmitriev, Director of the Payments and Transfers, Sberbank,

“Automatic transfers are a convenient way to save time and not waste effort by letting Sberbank Online do the same type of routine operations for you. All kinds of automatic payments and transfers significantly reduce the time spent on transactions when paying utility, mobile phone, and Internet bills, sending money to relatives, repaying loans, and so on. According to our calculations, the time our customers save each month is equivalent to over 1,000 years. We’ve launched a new type of automatic transfers to cards of other banks, responding to requests from our customers, who can use the new service in a wide range of everyday situations. For example, to repay credit card debt they have with another bank, pay for regular services, help relatives, support foundations, etc.”