SberInsurance to insure each national census taker against accidents and COVID-19

Oct 19, 2021

Sber subsidiary SberInsurance will insure all census takers of the All-Russian Population Census against accidents, COVID-19 and hospitalization.

Insured people diagnosed with the infection between October 15 and November 14, 2021, will be entitled to a one-off compensation of RUB 14,000. If some case requires that a taker should be hospitalized, the taker will be compensated for each day they spend in a clinic.

Accident insurance coverage stands at RUB 50,000.

Mikhail Chachin, vice president, director of the State Sector Department, Sberbank:

“A population census is an event important for the entire country, helping find out more about its residents. However, the health situation is quite challenging, and it is crucial that people stay healthy and calm. Which is why SberInsurance is insuring census takers against accidents and COVID-19. This is a tricky infection, with consequences sometimes stretched in time, so in addition to the standard insurance for the time of the census, COVID-triggered hospitalization within 30 days after recovery will also be covered.”

The All-Russian population census is scheduled for October 15 through November 14. Census takers will gather information about all residents of Russia, their education, language knowledge, living conditions, and family structure. There are three ways you can participate in the census: wait for a Rosstat officer to come to your home, go to a census station or fill in a questionnaire on, Russia’s public services website.

Those going with the gosuslugi website will receive discounts and special offers: a SberPrime subscription and presents from Sber ecosystem companies Okko, SberDevices, Samokat, SberInsurance, and more. The offers will only become available once you have completed the census form online.