Sber spacewalks

Apr 12, 2021

Sber has partnered with Roscosmos and launched several initiatives ahead of Cosmonautics Day.

The key one is the Space Tour special project, offering space travel on its website by using Sber ecosystem products. Also, you can feel what it’s like to be an astronaut in interstellar space by using AR technology and 3D models designed by Sber’s VR/AR Laboratory.

It’s understood that space is sound-free; however, music has broken its silence at different times. SberSound, an audio streaming service, has created a playlist called Sound in Space by uniting the songs that were once played back during space missions. Some were set as an alarm clock sound, others were used to reduce stress, and there was one performed on the guitar that an astronaut had taken to space.

SberHealth, an online health service, invites you to take a test called Could you be an astronaut.

If you doubt your space competencies thinking they are insufficient to join a space crew, you can always ask the Salute family of assistants a question about that. To celebrate Cosmonautics Day, virtual assistants will answer questions about astronomy, for example: when will we see Halley's Comet again; is it true that there is no sound in space; what is the temperature in space and why is the sun yellow.

Ahead of the 60th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s space flight, VDNKh’s Space pavilion hosted Russia’s first National Space Test on April 11. It included 30 questions covering all kinds of space knowledge. Participants and guests had a chance to check their health using AI. Via RespiratoryAI, a mobile app designed by Sber ecosystem company SberMedII, visitors could self-diagnose for potential respiratory diseases in just one minute.