Sber devices now equipped with face and voice payment confirmation

Aug 26, 2021

SberPortal smart display and SberBox Top camera set-top box owners will now be able to personalize access to cards saved on their devices and the SberPay payment tool, set up face and voice payment confirmation [1], and select users that can make payments on devices with shared access. The feature is designed to streamline the payment process on various services and make it easier to share devices. The technology was developed by SberDevices, with the VisionLabs team serving as the technology partner in the facial recognition field.

In order to set up personalized payments, clients will need to register by clicking on the user profile icon, complete the process so that the device remembers their name and voice, and then confirm their profile in the Sber Salute mobile app. They can then set up payments with a saved card for other registered users of the device.

If the feature is enabled, when the user attempts to use a card saved to their device to pay for something (e.g., groceries on Samokat), a message will appear on the screen requesting that the user look into the camera and say a six-digit code out loud to confirm the payment. If the device does not recognize the profile owner, the user can then pay via QR code through authentication via the SberBank Online mobile app.

We are consistently improving our devices and technology in order to streamline the customer journey as much as possible and make using our devices simple and convenient. Face and voice payment confirmation on Sber devices equipped with a camera is genuine know-how for household devices. It is a level of convenience and, at the same time, protection that no smart speaker or conventional media set-top box offers. At the same time, we continue to prioritize privacy and security. The recognition technology runs on board the device, and you can delete facial recognition vectors without a trace or remove saved bank cards at any time.

Konstantin Kruglov

CEO, SberDevices; Senior Vice President for New Digital Surfaces, Sberbank