ruDALL-E neural network by Sber for image generation based on Russian-language descriptions now available on ML Space platform

Dec 15, 2021

The commercial version of the world’s first ruDALL-E neural network by SberDevices and Sber AI, which creates images based on text descriptions in Russian, is now available on the ML Space  platform in SberCloud's DataHub of SberCloud's pre-trained models and datasets. It contains 12 billion parameters and is suitable for creating commercial materials: illustrations for advertising, architectural and industrial design, and vector and stock images.

ruDALL-E is a multimodal neural network that generates original images based on a Russian-language description, simulating the joint distribution of texts and images. The ruDALL-E training project has become the largest neural network computing project in Russia and the CIS. There are two versions of the model: the extra-large ruDALL-E XL, with 1.3 billion parameters, can be used for free by downloading its code and parameter set from GitHub. The giant ruDALL-E 12B XXL neural network with 12 billion parameters is available in the ruGPT-3 & family DataHub ML Space collection and allows you to create an unlimited number of new images based on a given description with less abstraction and higher quality.

The creation of an image entails several steps: first, the neural network receives the description as input and generates a given number of images, then another network selects the images that best fit the description, then the images are resized without loss of quality.

David Rafalovsky, CTO of SberBank Group, executive vice president at Sberbank:

“Two months ago, we made the ruDALL-E XL model publicly available and created a demo site and a skill for the Salute assistants, so that you could play with it, creating images on demand. The XXL-version of the model, which generates not only abstract images, but also any number of high-quality unique illustrations that can be used in different areas, is now available to an external audience.”

SberDevices is a Sber ecosystem company and a center of expertise on AI-powered solutions in fields such as speech technology, natural language processing, and face and voice biometrics. Established in May 2019 as a department within Sberbank’s Technology Unit, the company also focuses on creating smart devices for end users and corporate clients.

Sber AI is Sber’s R&D division, in charge of developing AI technology and introducing it across life and business domains.

SberCloud (OOO Oblachnye Tekhnologii, or Cloud Technologies LLC) is the Sber ecosystem’s cloud platform. The company offers a wide range of infrastructure and platform cloud solutions, as well as tools for working with artificial intelligence based on the Christofari supercomputer, which is the highest-performance computer cluster in Russia. SberCloud’s IT platforms and services are at the core of the Sber digital ecosystem and are also available to external customers, including companies, governmental organizations, and individuals.