Best customer experience: Sber wins five iCXA awards

Nov 24, 2021

Sber has swept five accolades at the International Customer Experience Awards (iCXA). The prestigious international awards are given to trendsetters using technology to improve customer experience. The biggest companies from dozens of countries enter the awards annually, while its jury has world-renowned CX specialists on board.


SberNBA (Next Best Action) won in the Customers at the Heart of Everything category. Ushering the next stage in the evolution of cross-selling (x-sell) and connecting the client’s needs with Sber products and services, SberNBA facilitates the evaluation of personal offers, communication at every stage of the customer journey on time, maximizing customer lifetime value at Sber. The solution relies on a modern stack of open source tools with the right level of technological and business readiness for the transformation of Sber’s B2C product line.


The Customers at the Heart of Everything category also recognized Sber’s project called “Ecosystem Support and Single Customer Journey.” Judges commended the work of the bank and ecosystem companies’ contact center network. Contact centers currently employ a wide pool of innovations, including speech recognition and synthesis, voice identification, and processing of large amounts of data, which provides for a single customer journey regardless of the channel a customer has used to address Sber. The development of the single contact center for the ecosystem has allowed stakeholders to abandon a large number of external solutions. Clients can now enjoy the support of the same high quality across all financial and non-financial products of Sber.


Individual Communications Policy won for the Best Use of Insight and Feedback. ICP is a SberNBA API analyzing clients’ digital footprints and inclinations to manage the frequency of ads for them, while also taking into account how the products and services of the ecosystem and the bank affect each other to split the interrelated offerings in time. This allows for a single timeline for all communications in the companies’ daily campaigning routine.

Sberbank’s Corporate Solutions Center (CSC) won bronze in the Best Digital Transformation category. In the last 12 months, CSC has made a breakthrough in terms of quality, improving the efficiency of its contact center employees through AI-powered data analysis. To this end, CSC gathered the digital footprints of its employees’ everyday work. As a result, performance forecasts are being made on an ongoing basis and help to measure employee performance accurately.

Sberbank’s Corporate Solutions Center also won in the Contact Centre category. The jury highly appreciated the unique banking experience in serving corporate customers. The contact center currently operates 24/7, serving 3 million corporate clients and bank employees working with companies. Operating in seven cities, it has about 4,700 employees and its own development center. Since 2019, CCR has been advising clients on B2B products of the Sber ecosystem.

This is not the first year Sber has won several iCXA awards.

Alexander Vedyakhin, first deputy chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“I want to thank all of our clients. It was for them that Sber transformed into a high-tech customer-centric company. For them, Sber applies the best technology on the market, developing most of the technologies from scratch and on his own, including AI solutions. Each of our designs, product releases, and innovations is aimed at further improving our customer services and delivering the WOW effect that creates a strong emotional connection with a favorite brand in a person. And, of course, a special thank you goes to the jury of the iCXA awards for a careful study of Sber’s products and services and a high evaluation of our work.”