Sberbank and launch update for quick job search website

May 21, 2020
  • is a job marketplace letting individuals find new jobs fast and enabling companies to rearrange their employers
  • 212 companies ready to hire new talent
  • 358 companies offer other employers to hire their free talent

May 21, 2020, Moscow — Sberbank and, a Sberbank ecosystem service, have updated their quick job search website, which lets companies find temporary employment for their staff amid the crisis and offers positions to new talent. The website will be particularly relevant for retailers selling groceries and FMCGs, logistics, and delivery companies.

The pilot version of the service was launched in only two days on April 2, 2020. Since then as many as 358 businesses registered on the website and offered jobs to the staff without work, while 212 companies are ready to hire new employees. As of today, thousands of positions are available on the website and some have been filled already.

The website update features the search for jobs for individuals, vacancy posting for companies lacking personnel, and business profiles for entities that seek to reemploy their talent amid a temporary shutdown.

“It’s clear for us that the Beremnarabotu service will stay relevant once the quarantine in Russia ends, as many companies will face the need to streamline and lay off talent in the first months after resuming operations. This is why we’ve decided to add more functionality to the service and make it more available for job seekers and businesses, which should unlock more positions for the free staff and let companies seeking talent find the employees they need,” Alexander Veterkov, Deputy CEO of, stated.

The project is part of the Sberbank ecosystem. Its first customers were groceries and essentials delivery company SberMarket and parcel delivery company SberLogistics, which are actively building up their teams of fulfillers, drivers, and couriers to meet the booming demand for their services amid self-isolation.