Sber Asset Management creates Optimal Global Portfolio for investors

Jan 14, 2022

Sber Asset Management has launched Optimal Global Portfolio[1], a well-diversified ETF with focus on long-term FX-driven yield.

Mimicking the structure of Sber Optimal Global Index, the fund features S&P 500 equity, including shares generating high dividends and bonds of companies from the US and emerging markets like China, Brazil, Indonesia, and more. Moreover, the fund structure has gold as a defensive asset. This makes the fund adapted to any fluctuations in the international stock market due to investing in different segments of financial markets and asset classes enjoying permanent demand.

The fund invests in equity and bonds denominated in foreign currencies (gold investments are facilitated by buying gold-driven shares in a foreign ETF), which is why it may help investors shield against ruble devaluation. Dividends and coupon payments on bonds will be reinvested in the fund, thus increasing its “body”. While the all-new fund is available to unaccredited investors, certain shares and bonds remain locked for them. To access them, you will need to take advantage of the fund or become an accredited investor. Investments start at RUB 10 and can be accessed through the SberInvestor application or any Russian broker.

Evgeny Zaitsev, CEO, Sber Asset Management:

“We are seeing a growing demand for ETFs among private investors and are hence expanding our line of ETFs adding unconventional and innovative instruments to it. Optimal Global Portfolio features equity, bonds, and assets, with their value climbing during different phases that stock markets go through. For instance, while shares depreciate, gold prices usually go up, and vice versa. This means that the new fund always features an asset that can perform strongly, no matter the stock market environment. This is a perfect option for investors who are not going to be actively engaged in trading but would like to have a balanced and always-relevant portfolio of investments.”

Asset managers recommend that fund investors hold for three years or more. In this scenario, they will be freed from paying personal income taxes (NDFL)[2] and the long-term ownership benefit will come into effect: when selling, the client will not have to pay personal income tax on the profit received (the maximum size of profit that is exempt from tax is RUB 3 mn a year). 

[1]BPIF RFI Sber – Optimalny Globalny Portfel (an ETF for market financial instruments).

[2]Tax-free yield capped at RUB 3 mn per year.