Fresh Look: SberPremier project on life amid pandemic era

Nov 26, 2020

November 26 SberPremier is launching a new project called Fresh Look, which will see experts look for new meanings in familiar things like education, cinema, travel, cooking, thinking, and ecology.

Vasily Palatkin, Senior Managing Director, Director of Sales and Services across Sberbank branches:

“The coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions have disrupted the daily routine for millions of people. During the lockdown, what we considered important depreciated before our very eyes. We used to be guided by the external things, while now we’ve started looking and seeing the beauty within ourselves. Not only the world has changed, but we’ve changed too. The experts of the project give simple but important recommendations that will make life a little brighter and more conscious. We hope that Fresh Look will help our customers feel more confident and calmer in a constantly changing world.”

On November 26, the first episode with Anton Dolin, one of the most famous Russian film critics and editor-in-chief of the Art of Cinema magazine, will be released. He will talk about how cinema forms your attitude towards reality, and how to find your way to art and cinema: “When people say that they do not understand art, they really mean ‘I don't know how to deal with this, I am uncomfortable with this’. Or they don't like it, but they are afraid to talk about it. For me, art is freedom. It owes nothing to anyone: neither you, nor me, nor the artist. Its foundation is the free production of images and ideas. And that is what fuels human existence. But the most important thing is to understand that you do not owe anything to anyone either. You don't have to love art. Just meet it and let something come out of it. This is a miracle that is not as rare as it might seem.”

The next episode expert is Alex Dubas, a TV and radio host, writer, journalist, and traveler. His story will be devoted to traveling. What unusual places can you visit with closed borders? Where do you go? Where do you stay? The episode will be available to viewers on December 10.

All episodes will be released on the project’s website where you can also track the announcements of the upcoming discussion topics and access additional video materials. Every new episode will also be available on this YouTube channel.