Sber suggests its cardholders abandon plastic cards

Feb 11, 2021

Any customer with the SberBank Online mobile app can now instantly issue a virtual bank card without a physical one, which, if necessary, can be ordered later in a few clicks. When registering a card, you only need to choose the “Let's go without plastic” option.

Virtual cards are the future of our daily payments. The absence of a physical card does not affect the properties of a card in any way but reduces the time for its registration and receipt significantly. As contactless payments evolve, the classic bank card gradually fades into the background and loses its relevance. We are increasingly buying online, while in retail outlets we often pay with smartphones, smartwatches, and thanks to the latest biometric face payment solutions adopted recently, one glance into the camera is enough to make a payment. Many of our clients who activate their cards remotely do not pick up their physical plastic cards at all, and every tenth new card that our clients issue is digital. Thus, by choosing a plastic-free card, customers make their small but important contribution to the protection of the environment

Igor Kovalyov

Acting Director of Customer’s Wallet, Sberbank

Upsides of having plastic-free cards:

∙ Sustainability: experts say that it takes plastic up to 1,000 years to decompose while a digital card causes no environmental damage

∙ Instant activation: you can use it right away

∙ Functionality equal to a plastic card: online and offline payments and transfers, SberSpasibo reward points, cash withdrawals.

The only difference between a virtual and a regular card is that you need a smartphone, smartwatch, wristband, or any other NFC-enabled gadget to make offline purchases.

If necessary, you can always order a conventional plastic card representing your digital card. To do this, simply choose the option “Order a plastic card” in the card settings via SberBank Online, and you can pick up the card later at any Sberbank branch that is convenient to you.

At the first stage, the option is available when registering a SberCard or a SberCard Travel. Moving forward, this option will become available for other Sber cards.