Sberbank and Aviasales name Top 10 tourist destinations most popular among Russians for New Year holidays

Nov 29, 2019
  • Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Bangkok lead early bookings list on New Year holidays
  • 28% of Russians planning New Year vacations set to travel in Russia, including 20% of tourists going to Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • One year ago 800 travelers holding Sberbank Insurance policies seek medical assistance on New Year holidays

November 29, 2019, Moscow — Sberbank Insurance, a Sberbank subsidiary, and Aviasales flight search site have ranked the most popular tourist destinations Russians go to for New Year holidays.

Moscow ranked first on the Top 10 list with 12% of early bookings. Ranking second is St. Petersburg (7%), ranking third is Bangkok (4.5%), followed by Sochi (4.1%), Bali (3.6%), Istanbul (3.2%), Prague (3%), Simferopol (2.7%), Krasnodar (2.6%), and Phuket (2.2%).

During the last New Year holidays – between December 27, 2018 and January 13, 2019 – some 800 Sberbank Insurance customers sought medical assistance using their insurance policies when travelling. As much as 62% of these accounted for Thailand. The Top 5 countries where travelers sought medical help using their insurance policies also included Russia (5%), India (4%), Indonesia (3.5%), and Vietnam (3%).

Acute respiratory infections, digestive disorders, and traumas were the most popular reasons to visit a doctor. Some 35% of the insured events accounted for respiratory diseases, like viral infections, bronchitis, running nose, and otitis. Digestive disorders accounted for 20% of cases, and traumas accounted for 5%. Bites from insects, primates, and a venomous snake were the unconventional reasons why policyholders sought medical assistance in Thailand.

Elena Kosheleva, Head of Personal Insurance Development Department with Sberbank Insurance, recommends that Russians take out policies before they travel. An insurance policy can be bought online from insurance companies or aggregators with only a few clicks.

Elena Kosheleva, Head of Personal Insurance Development Department, Sberbank Insurance,

“Before you buy insurance study closely what it covers and take out a wider coverage policy if you need to. Medical services outside Russia are really expensive. Even the most popular medical coverage of RUB2 doesn’t always compensate for the healthcare costs abroad. In case of an insured event the first thing you should do is use the phone number from your insurance policy to call your service company, tell them about the insured person, brief them on the problem and follow the instructions. And this is crucial. You can do without a call only if the insured person is unconscious. In this case the service company should be reached out by the insured person when he or she regains one’s consciousness, or the insured person’s representative, or a doctor.”