Sber opens online registration for self-employed from EAEU states

Jul 06, 2021

Sberbank has expanded the functionality of Svoe Delo (Your Own Business) for the self-employed from the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) who are non-residents of Russia.

Also, SberBank Online now has a simpler registration of self-employed Russians.

From now on, EAEU residents from Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan can become self-employed officially via the SberBank Online mobile app and do it quickly and conveniently, too.

Restriction imposed by applicable law: the list of countries is specified in Federal Law No. 422-FZ.

The main professions for this category of self-employed in Russia are: nannies, hairdressers, builders, cleaners, repairmen, couriers, and drivers.

SberBank Online allows users to register with the Tax Service of Russia as a taxpayer receiving professional income.

You can do your business using the core functionality of the SberBank Online service that is designed for legal operations of the self-employed. You can create electronic receipts, send them to your customers, view the list of receipts, and pay monthly taxes based on the receipts generated.

Self-employed EAEU residents will just need a Russian INN (individual taxpayer identification number) and a working SberBank Online app.

By enabling the Svoe Delo service, the self-employed can look for new customers via SberServices, thus building their client base.

Sberbank has been a leader in the market for the self-employed for a long time now, which is understandable because many customers have gotten used to using the SberBank Online mobile app in their everyday lives.

Now it comes in handy for Svoe Delo users.

Naturally, we could not have neglected our non-resident clients and their corporate customers who find it convenient to make payments to Sberbank accounts for the services they receive.

Along with the new functionality for non-residents, we have also simplified registration for Russian citizens and made the self-employed member area on SberBank Online more modern and user-friendly.

Ekaterina Gartseva

Director of Social and Payroll Solutions, Sberbank

More on Svoe Delo and the taxation terms for the self-employed on the Sberbank website in the self-employed section at