Amazing creatures from deep sea now on SberBank Online

Sep 20, 2021

SberBank Online has added new Underwater World splash screens with pictures of the wonderful creatures living deep in the ocean.

There is unique history behind this series of launch screens for SberBank. After completing several successful projects with famous museums, SberBank felt the need to meet the demands of customers seeking new emotions and knowledge in the mobile app.

At the heart of the Underwater World splash screens are the photos made by Aquatilis, a group of marine biologists looking for, taking pictures of, and showing the most unbelievable creatures of the deep ocean.

There are countless unique creatures living in the oceans, and many of them cause genuine delight and interest even among experienced specialists, not to mention the majority of ordinary people. The project with SberBank Online splash screens is a great opportunity to show this inaccessible beauty to more than 70 million users.

Many of these creatures – plankton organisms – are so fragile and ephemeral, that even the slightest touch can be their last, therefore it is extremely difficult to study them on land in a laboratory. Often, it is completely impossible. For example, Cyaneus, a jellyfish that can reach a length of 36 meters with a dome the diameter of more than two meters, is the height of a 12-storey building! Therefore, observations of such creatures are carefully conducted on their territory using the most modern equipment for underwater photography and video filming.

This project was created not only to show the beauty of the underwater world, but also to draw attention to environmental problems, including pollution of the oceans, to remind the world community that sea water pollution and a predatory attitude toward fishing and other biological resources are intolerable.

The new set of splash screens is a reminder that the world ocean is a big world and home to many living creatures.

Alexey Kruglov, director of the Digital Platform Division, Sberbank:

“Having rolled out several series of splash screens with art from across eras, we have decided to take a turn and add some variety to the launch screen topics. We seek for our SberBank Online projects to inspire emotions, but also make one think, and be a source of new knowledge.”

Alexander Semyonov, a marine biologist, head of Aquatilis, project photographer:

“Aquatilis is first and foremost an educational project, and our primary task is to share our knowledge and experience. We have been working to promote marine biology and inform people about the underwater world for over 12 years now. This is an astonishing, wonderful time, one where we can share discoveries and fun facts or beautiful photographs not just in scientific journals, but also live, with the press of a button. We strive to always be at the forefront and seize every opportunity to convey our knowledge to the widest possible audience.”

The new launch screens can be installed at the link.