Best Russian chess grandmaster plays game during Students Day at SberUniversity

Jan 25, 2021

The leading FIDE-rated Russian chess player Ian Nepomniachtchi has had a simultaneous chess exhibition with the attendees of Students Day at SberUniversity, winning all the games. Rated 4th on the FIDE rating, Nepomniachtchi is a member of the Mikhail Chigorin club.

Tatiana Day is an important holiday for the Sber team. On January 25 we traditionally hold interesting events for college students. I hope that our guests will remember the simultaneous display and get new insights from it to build their careers

Natalya Dudina

Senior Vice President, Head of HR, Sberbank

Chess is traditionally considered the ultimate intellectual sport, and from my experience, I can say that it is perfect to develop skills that can be used successfully in life outside of sports: quick decision making, an analytical approach, the ability to think several moves ahead. I am sure that such events are very useful for those who want to be successful in a rapidly changing world

Ian Nepomniachtchi

Chess grandmaster, 2020 Candidates Tournament member

The Students Day event at SberUniversity has been attended by 100 students from Moscow’s leading colleges, School 21, and UMNIK-Sberbank finalists.

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