renamed SberMegaMarket in Sber ecosystem

Apr 27, 2021

The marketplace, part of the Sber ecosystem, has been renamed SberMegaMarket. The first phase of the rebranding process saw changes made to the logo and corporate identity, guided by the Sber ecosystem branding principles, color scheme, and signature gradient. The full rebranding, including an updated development strategy, will be completed by the end of 2Q 2021.

The changes will not affect clients and sellers:

  • all account information will be transferred to SberMegaMarket, including accumulated rewards rubles;
  • existing contracts between the marketplace and sellers will not require renegotiation, the commercial terms will remain the same;
  • all current methods of delivery will remain available to buyers, including the Order and Pick Up service, which allows clients to reserve items on the marketplace website and pick them up at a convenient retail store the same day.

The marketplace mobile app has already been updated. The site has been migrated to a new domain and users will be automatically redirected to

The integration of the marketplace into the Sber ecosystem will continue. SberMegaMarket clients currently have access to quick authentication via Sber ID without needing to input a login and password, and free delivery for goods up to 50 kg for SberPrime and SberPrime+ suscribers. Soon clients will be able to earn and spend SberSpasibo reward points.

In April 2021, Sber, M.Video-Eldorado Group, and founder and co-owner Alexander Tynkovan announced the closing of a deal to co-develop the marketplace. Under the terms, Sber acquired an 85% stake in, with M.Video-Eldorado Group retaining 10% and five percent remaining with M.Video founder Alexander Tynkovan.

SberMegaMarket will take on the role of Sber’s key multi-category e-commerce platform. It already features 16 main categories with 2.5 million products, and these numbers will only increase in the future.

SberMegaMarket is of great importance for the development of the Sber ecosystem. The e-commerce market is already highly competitive, and it is only going to grow, which is to the benefit of everyone in Russia. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming a major player on the Russian e-commerce market by 2023, and SberMegaMarket will be an essential element when it comes to meeting this goal. With the help of the marketplace, we want to offer all Russians the best possible online shopping experience. Unlimited variety, low prices, secure payments, favorable financing and payment by instalments, fast delivery, an extensive geographic presence, an intuitive interface, and seamless integration with other Sber ecosystem services – that is what we and our partners want our marketplace to look like.

Lev Khasis

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

The synergies offered by the Sber ecosystem will allow us to make the SberMegaMarket service more user-friendly and convenient. Among the key partnerships coming up in the near future: joining the SberMarket platform, which will enable us to broaden the range of basic goods for which express shipping is available, and integrating with SberLogistics, which will provide us with the infrastructure for storage of goods. This will significantly improve our level of service and speed of delivery, as well as helping us attract sellers to the platform who were previously not in a position to work with the marketplace under our operating model.

Solomon Kunin

CEO, SberMegaMarket

The SberMegaMarket marketplace, part of the Sber ecosystem, is a multi-category e-commerce platform. It features over 2.5 million products from over 8,000 stores in 16 main categories, including household appliances, household goods, clothing, building materials, children’s products, and many more. Russia’s leading online retailers are represented on SberMegaMarket, each having passed a quality check. Currently SberMegaMarket delivers goods to 450 Russian cities. New partners join the platform on a daily basis, offering the best prices and increasing the range of goods.