Sberbank awarded for the high Straight-Through Processing Rate in 2008

Mar 06, 2009

The representatives of Dresdner Bank AG, Germany, presented Sberbank with a «Payment Quality Award 2008» in recognition of remarkable achievements in the international payments business and exceptional quality of payments channelled through Sberbank’s correspondent account in Euro with Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main, in 2008.

At the presentation ceremony the representatives of Dresdner Bank AG emphasised particularly the fact that with the outstanding annual volume of commercial payments, Sberbank has managed to ensure a 98% Straight Through Processing rate for payments denominated in Euro, which put Sberbank ahead of not only Russian but also some European banks maintaining accounts with Dresdner Bank AG. The ever higher STP-rate of Sberbank results in reduced manual handling of incoming payments thus minimizing operational risks while processing and executing payments.

In return, Ms. Olga Kanovich, Senior Vice-President of Sberbank, underlined that Sberbank’s success resulted in close cooperation with Dresdner Bank AG, better technologies and professionalism of Sberbank’ staff as well as on-going focus on the needs of its customers.

In 2007 and 2008, Dresdner Bank AG presented Sberbank with similar awards for high quality of Euro payments respectively for the years 2006 and 2007.

Irina Kibina
Corporate Affairs Department
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