Sber opens its first flagship branch of a new type in Russian regions

Nov 23, 2021

Sber’s first flagship office has been inaugurated in Voronezh. On the first day of its operations, it was visited by deputy chairmen of the Sberbank Executive Board Sergey Maltsev, Stanislav Kuznetsov, Anatoly Popov, and Senior Vice President Vladislav Kreynin, director of the Marketing and Communications Department, Sberbank. Offering the entire range of Sber’s financial services and products for retail and corporate customers, the flagship branch also has a large zone for ecosystem and non-financial services.

Sber’s flagship branch in Voronezh offers conventional banking solutions and allows visitors to try out the new gadgets produced by Sber and global partner companies in the demo zone, place orders on SberMegaMarket, buy medication, consult a pharmacist in a new type of pharmacy, have a cup of fragrant coffee in a cozy coffee shop, and buy new Sber merchandise in the corporate Sberstore.

Special emphasis is placed on impressing the customer. In the new branch, Sber organized an ultra-modern recording studio with professional equipment for the first time, where everyone can try and record songs and podcasts, and bloggers can record videos with clear and professional sound. The studio has an innovative glass that, as if by magic, turns into a screen or screens that can broadcast content.

The branch also has DomClick by Sber, a real estate center where employees help clients find and book housing, take out a mortgage or make a deal without borrowed funds through a one-stop source. You no longer need to imagine what the future apartment of your dreams will look like – you can visit it virtually through a 3D presentation of apartments from the developers in Voronezh, without leaving the branch. Saving the most valuable asset – time – clients of the real estate center can get a full range of services in the new Sber branch.

Thanks to furniture ergonomics, the workspace of client managers servicing retail and corporate clients allows for shoulder-to-shoulder interaction. This facilitates a trusting relationship and being close to the customer. Waiting areas arranged as separate open meeting zones go beyond the boundaries of the workspace and let managers meet with clients at any convenient place within the branch.

The all-new flagship branch also has a SberPremier chapter for premium customers with one meeting room and nine other rooms, a modern lounge area where customers can relax and learn about the new products of the ecosystem. Importantly, all the rooms ensure complete privacy. The office has seven client managers who will help you choose the best investment portfolio and provide any financial services.

A training area is yet another unique location within the branch. It is an unusual hall for presentations and customer education created using modern technology and equipped with innovative sound, powerful laser projectors, and a scanner.

Sber has been creating its new branches in view of ESG principles since 2020. Interior design features environmentally friendly materials, living walls, energy saving devices, containers for separate waste collection, and so on.

Sergey Maltsev, deputy chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“Sber branches have long been more than the branches of a classic bank, and our clients get used to good things very quickly. We see that it is customary for Muscovites to stop by for coffee at Sber. Now this format will become commonplace for residents of Voronezh. Flagship branches will be growing in numbers by the day in Russia, which means that more and more Russians will come into contact with the new concept of Sber as an ecosystem that has a digital as well as a physical embodiment. A bright, functional and comfortable embodiment because people with their needs and emotions are always at the heart of all our products and services.”