Sber launches financial literacy portal

Sep 17, 2021

Sber has launched SberClever, an information/educational project designed to enhance financial literacy and show that anyone can manage finances (and, hence, improve the quality of one’s life).

The single platform has essential tips on how to use money and financial instruments geared toward saving, insurance, and investment. Useful to anyone regardless of their age and income level, the information is presented in different forms, ranging from academic content – later to be compiled into a full-fledged financial encyclopedia – and edutainment materials. The different ways information is presented and its complexity differentiation (from zero to advanced) will allow any reader to find useful and relevant content.

Apart from articles, SberClever features full-fledged courses across a variety of topics: personal finance management, how to start investing, the taxes and preferences available, how to stay secure in a digital environment, how to pick an insurance policy, and more.

Natalya Alymova, senior vice president and head of Wealth Management, Sberbank:

“We live in an amazing world with an incredible number of financial instruments designed for the accumulation, augmentation and protection of capital, a huge amount of analytical data, metrics, and news. Our educational portal SberClever invites you on an exciting journey through the financial universe, which will result in you adopting a conscious attitude toward your own finances and, as a result, improving your personal well-being.”