Onboarding program at Sber recognized world’s best

Feb 19, 2021

Sber has won the prestigious Learning Awards for the Onboarding Programme of The Year.

The jury acknowledged Sber’s onboarding achievements amid the pandemic and telecommuting.

For the effective adaptation of new employees as well as current employees who are mastering new roles and positions, Sber offers a variety of convenient tools including onboarding events, reference materials (before you sign your employment contract), constant support from mentors (buddies), VR and AR technologies, and automated process support.

These practices have helped to improve the satisfaction rate of new employees with their onboarding dramatically, from 57% to 91%.

A well-functioning onboarding framework saves time and resources for the company and employees. Last year, as many as 15,000 new employees joined the Sber ecosystem. At the beginning of the pandemic, we realized that it is much harder to start working in a new team from home. So we launched online boot camps letting newcomers learn how Sber works, get acquainted with our culture, take courses, and meet with top managers online. This helps newcomers to feel they’re part of the team fast and start working effectively.

Winning The Learning Awards proves that we are moving in the right direction.

Natalya Dudina

Senior Vice President, Head of HR, Sberbank

World-class companies such as Lloyds Banking Group (UK), Goldman Sachs (USA), and others competed against Sber in the final stage.

The Learning Awards has been held since 1996 by The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI). Every year, an international jury of experts celebrates outstanding L&D achievements of companies around the world recognizing their high standards, leading practices, innovation, and know-how. Companies from more than 80 countries compete for victory in 20 categories reflecting the most important and modern trends in training and development.

The Onboarding Programme of the Year Award is presented to an organization that has built an exemplary and effective Onboarding Programme. Candidates should demonstrate consistent high quality and innovation as well as defined and measured impact on the organization.