On September 3, 2003, on the premises of Sberbank's Head Office at 19 Vavilova Street, Moscow, representatives of JPMorgan Chase Bank (USA) presented Sberbank with an to Sberbank, for the achievement of high quality of the US Dollar payments routed through the correspondent account at JPMorgan Chase Bank, NY.

Sep 29, 2003

 At the presentation ceremony, JPMorgan representatives specifically underlined invariably high quality of Sberbank's formatted payments and assured of their intention to provide services at the same level of quality.
 JPMorgan Chase Bank presented a similar award to Sberbank in October last year, for the achievement of the 100 p.c. straight-though processing rate of the US Dollar-nominated payments. In addition, in February 2002, Sberbank was awarded by the Bank of New York (USA), for for the year 2001. In April 2003, Deutsche Bank AG (Germany) presented Sberbank with an STP Excellence Award for US Dollar payments, thereby certifying the best level of straight-through processing rate of Sberbank's US Dollar payments routed through the correspondent account at Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, NY, in the year 2002.
 These international awards serve as an obvious recognition of Sberbank's success in improving quality of payment formatting, use of efficient settlement techniques and permanent attention to the needs and requirements of its customers.

Sberbank Press Service