Sberbank and Russian Olympic Committee Sign a Co-operation Package

Mar 08, 2004

Working to develop strategic co-operation, Sberbank and the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) that represents Russia in the international Olympic movement, signed on 9th March a co-operation package aimed at supporting the Russian national Olympic movement and ROC's efforts for the forthcoming XXVIII Olympic Games 2004 in Athens.
In accordance with its Charity and Sponsorship Activities Programme, Sberbank will transfer USD 1,200,000 to the Russian Olympic Committee for the summer Olympic Games in Greece. In accordance with the signed documents, ROC will entitle Sberbank to use the Olympic designation, The General Sponsor and Official Bank of the Russian Olympic Committee at the XXVIII Olympic Games.
Co-operation between Sberbank and ROC to promote sport in Russia is based on the Co-operation Agreement signed in October 2001 which envisages a mutually beneficial partnership in the arrangement and implementation of joint projects and programmes for promoting sport and physical training in Russia.
By supporting the Olympic movement, Sberbank promotes sport, fosters a new generation of Russian sportsmen, advocates the healthy way of life, and, ultimately, the spiritual and physical revival of the country.

Sberbank's Press Service