Sber launches ad campaign for SberBank’s 180th birthday

Oct 12, 2021

The national advertising campaign coincides with SberBank's 180th anniversary. The commercial is based on the idea that, throughout its 180-year history, SberBank has always strived to support people aspiring to change their lives for the better.

The insight behind the concept is the universal desire to live a better life inherent to each generation. Sber draws inspiration from people's dreams to create services that enable them to solve a wide range of tasks in their everyday lives: fast and secure payments and transfers, business services, food and grocery delivery, music, an online movie theater, and much more.

The plot of the commercial depicts the bank’s transformation into an ecosystem that provides services for all areas of a person’s life. Characters from different historical eras, from the Russian Empire to the present day, talk about their daring dreams that Sber is helping them realize in the modern world.

Vladislav Kreynin, senior vice president, director of the Marketing and Communication Department, Sberbank:

“We as a team are inspired by Sberbank’s mission: ‘We inspire confidence and reliability, making people’s lives better by helping them realize their aspirations and dreams.’ The ideas embedded in our mission form the basis of Sberbank’s 180th birthday advertising campaign. Throughout history, people have dreamed of their own business, happy moments with their loved ones, escaping from routine, and celebrations in life. Sber is always there to help. It is our clients’ dreams that inspire us to grow and create new products that are popular with people today.”

Erkin Bekmirzaev, head of the SberMarketing creative team:

“We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to implement this project, which is so important for Sber and the entire Sber ecosystem. We realized from the outset that this was a special task, so we put our heart and soul into it. We really wanted the campaign to come across as human. It is about real people, not imaginary ones, it is about us.”

SberMarketing was responsible for the creative concept, production, media planning, and buying for the ad campaign, while Alexey Krupnik and the Stereotactic production team handled casting and directing.