Okko announces start of cooperation with Maly Theatre

May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020, Moscow — Okko multimedia platform announces it’s starting to work with Maly Theatre. The classic repertoire of the Art Online project created by Okko with support from Sberbank will add five performances of the theatre. On May 21 the first play – Masquerade staged by A. Zhitinkin – will be shown.

The State Academic Maly Theatre is one of Russia’s oldest theatres. Next year it’s opening its anniversary 265th season. Interest in the greatest pieces of Russian and world literature along with stellar acting are the traditions the theatre is based on, the ones it has created throughout its long history.

Okko will show Filumena Marturano staged by the Italian director S. De Luca, a pupil of the legendary Giorgio Strehler, with I. Muravyova and Y. Solomin playing the main roles, and Shakespeare’s Tragedy of King Lear staged by A. Yakovlev with B. Nevzorov playing the main role. As for the classical Russian pieces that Maly Theatre will show on Okko, there’s A. Griboyedov’s Woe from Wit comedy, F. Dostoyevsky’s Village of Stepanchikovo, and Y. Lermontov’s Masquerade.

True respect for the author, artist, and viewer is the approach that the theater adheres to, inviting well-known directors even now. An example of this is the play Masquerade.

On May 21, the first play – Masquerade staged by A. Zhitkin – will be webcast. In his version of the play, the director pins hope on the theatre’s trump card, i.e. its stellar actors. The main roles will be played by the People’s Actors of Russia B. Klyuev as Arbenin, B. Nevzorov as the Unkonwn, V. Nosik as Shprikh, E. Kharitonova as baroness Strahl, and A. Vershinin as Kazarin. They will be accompanied by the theatre’s younger actors P. Dolinskaya as Nina and A. Driven as Zvezdich. Exquisite and bewitching beauty on stage will be created by production designer S. Barkhin and costume designer V. Zaitsev. It was this ideal beauty and love that Arbenin saw in Nina, hoping to find salvation in her. But is it possible to find your ideal partner on earth?

Andrei Zhitinkin, play director,

“Boris Klyuyev was the first actor to play Arbenin of the 21st century. His character has much in common with today's time: the hero has power, position, wealth, but in old age he suddenly really falls in love with a young girl, bringing all this to her feet. This big and talented man was crushed by the people whose lives he had made a misery and who, watching his misfortune, are absolutely satisfied. Is it not much in synch with our times? Klyuev plays amazingly.”

The webcast of Masquerade will start on May 21 at 7:00 pm. The play will be available for one month for free to all registered users in the Art Online section at artonline.okko.tv, as well as on Okko’s Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki social media pages.

Art Online is a project created by Sberbank and Okko multimedia service that unlocks free access to performances, concerts, virtual tours, and other pieces of video content from leading Russian art venues. The media library gets updated daily, while every Thursday and Sunday it shows exclusive online premieres. The content is available for free to registered Okko users.