Sberbank’s DomClick offers partners seamless integration

Oct 20, 2021

Sberbank’s DomClick has introduced a new OpenAPI that ensures high-level integration with corporate clients’ automated systems. Clients can now send a property purchase order from their partner CRM. It takes two minutes to process the request – previously the processing time was around three hours.

The first company to test the new interface in the field and experience its advantages was federal company Etagi. Another 15 DomClick partners are currently in the process of integrating the interface, which makes the transaction process even more seamless, convenient, and quick both for companies and their clients.

Nikolay Vasyov, CEO, DomClick:

“DomClick is constantly improving its technological form and strives to make the partnership interaction process as efficient as possible. We can see that our efforts are appreciated by the business sector and, importantly, individual clients, who are showing their support for our work to improve our services by concluding more deals.”

Ildar Khusainov, director, Etagi:

“This innovative solution for integration is a new phase in the development of the property market. Five years ago, this seemed like a fantasy. Now it is a reality. We have already concluded the first deal using this service. Approving a mortgage for a client in two minutes is an excellent result. I think that more and more processes on the real estate market will be automated and implemented with the use of AI, which will significantly simplify the selection and purchase of housing, including on borrowed funds. We are already seeing decent results in terms of real estate valuation using AI algorithms, and this is only the beginning. The ultimate consumer is increasingly interested in saving their time, including when it comes to important issues like buying and selling real estate.”