Sberbank to finance construction of second house of Beseda housing estate in Kazan totaling RUB 1.5 bln

May 20, 2020
  • Unistroy development company acting as constructor; RUB 1.5 bln loan to be available until February 27, 2022
  • Previously, Sberbank had financed construction of first house of Beseda housing estate by providing RUB 1.7 bln

May 20, 2020, Moscow — Sberbank will provide Unistroy with RUB 1.5 bln in financing. The loan will be used to construct house number two of the Beseda apartment complex and aboveground parking in Kazan. The financing is provided until February 27, 2022. The project is being implemented using escrow.

Vladimir Sitnov, Senior Vice President, Sberbank,

“Unistroy has been our reliable partner for a long time. The bank has provided the company with the RUB 1.5 bln loan until February 2022 to construct the second apartment complex. House No 1 of this complex was also constructed by using Sberbank’s loan totaling RUB 1.7 bln. We are glad that despite the difficult economic situation the company continues to build modern and convenient housing estates to provide residents of Kazan with high-quality housing.”

The Beseda apartment complex is located in the Sovetsky City District in Kazan. The complex will consist of two ten-story houses (each has two buildings), a kindergarten, walking areas, and convenient parking options. The complex will be built with car-free yards and no access for outsiders to let residents have private space for their lives and development. The territory will be closed and equipped with SSTV cameras. The project envisages the construction of a multistorey parking lot for 499 cars. The second house will have 657 apartments and more than 16,190 m2 of housing. The housing estate construction is planned to be completed in 2021.