Sberbank customers to help save even more trees

Sep 15, 2020

Sberbank has announced a new feature for savings account owners to mark Russian Forest Days on September 15-17. Starting from September 15, 2020, the bank’s customers can refuse to print out cash receipts. They will be automatically saved via Sberbank Online, the mobile app or the website. Then these documents can be sent via e-mail or using instant messengers. If necessary, receipts can be printed out, but the fewer we print, the more trees we save.

When a customer topped up or withdrew cash from their accounts at a Sberbank branch, the bank always used to provide them with printed receipts. On average, up to 100 mln sheets of papers (about 10 km-high stack) were used every year.

Now the bank has digitized these receipts. If all Sberbank customers start to save only this type of receipts, we will be able to save about 13,000 trees. This is a forest of about 3 ha, which is five soccer fields.

Adopting digital cash receipts is secure besides being convenient. All transaction information is reliably saved, backed up and examined by anti-fraud systems.

Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“We care about what air we breathe and what planet we leave to our descendants. That’s why environmental care is our absolute priority. By quitting printing out unnecessary cash receipts, Sberbank has made another step toward protecting forests and building our adherence to environmental consciousness principles.”