Sber presents new educational game Well, Just You Wait. Racing for Kidsar children’s set on SberPortal

Sep 14, 2021

Sber has presented Well, Just You Wait. Racing, a new educational game for children aged six to 12 based on the famous animated series and designed by SberDevices in collaboration with Sber AR/VR Lab. The game was developed for the SberPortal smart display and expands the capabilities of Kidsar, a unique AR app collection for the Russian market. To start playing, just say, “Salute, launch Well, Just You Wait. Racing.”

The Kidsar collection was developed as part of the enriched environment concept, which is popular in the field of teaching. It complements digital applications with offline elements. Research shows[1] that an enriched environment makes the brain more malleable: cognitive skills improve, synaptic plasticity increases, and neurons are born, which is particularly important for children. The collection's gaming elements are supported by SberPortal's advanced technical capabilities, facilitating an almost seamless combination of offline and online elements. Users solve problems at the intersection of the real and digital worlds. Well, Just You Wait. Racing for Kidsar is an edutainment app, enabling learning through play. This format is particularly suited to children as, according to psychologists, it facilitates the absorption of learning material and boosts motivation.

The game gives young users a task they are familiar with from the animated series – they must help Hare escape Wolf. In Well, Just You Wait. Racing, the player needs to draw wheels for Hare’s vehicle on paper in order to help Hare get to the finish line faster. The SberPortal “sees” everything drawn on the paper through the Kidsar set’s special mirror and adjusts the game progress. Each level is represented by a course with different road surfaces and obstacles. Young players will need to analyze the type of wheels they will need to draw for each location for Hare’s vehicle to successfully overcome all the obstacles and reach the finish line. The task helps children develop their logic and understanding of the laws of physics, as well as their sensory perception and drawing skills.

Well, Just You Wait. Racing has two modes. In Story Mode, the player completes a series of levels in which they learn more about the protagonists’ adventures and receive scores and game currency. In Unlimited Racing mode, the user races as Hare: if the user manages to complete a certain section of the course, more time is added for the next section – if they run out of time, the game ends.

In addition to Well, Just You Wait. Racing, SberPortal also features exclusive AR apps from EdTech leaders Skyeng and Banda Umnikov (trans. the brainiac gang) for children aged five to 11.

Video at the link