Russians’ top New Year’s resolutions health- and money-related

Dec 27, 2019
  • 30% of city residents promise they’d take care of health and do sport in 2020
  • About 20% of resolutions involve finance
  • Family and family harmony never changing priority again

December 27, 2019, Moscow — On the last days of December people usually sum up the results of the outgoing year. According to a survey held by Sberbank life insurance, a Sberbank subsidiary, which polled about 3,000 residents in big cities of Russia, most New Year’s resolutions are related to health and finance.

New Year’s resolutions of about 30% of respondents are health- and sport-related. Sixteen percent of respondents committed to starting going to a gym in 2020. Twelve percent of residents in big and middle-sized cities said they would lose weight, start dieting or eating healthy in 2020. Nearly the same proportion said they were going to quit smoking, drinking or would at least keep these bad habits to a minimum.

Other top priorities for Russians are family in general and family harmony in particular. Approximately 20% of respondents said they commit to spending more time with their close ones. Every tenth family under 40 plan to have a baby in 2020, while 22% of these young families are considering taking out a mortgage. Fifteen percent of respondents would like to travel with their families and friends more often in 2020.

About 20% of respondents have set financial goals: they plan to start saving up, learn how to run a family budget, and invest their savings efficiently. Many respondents said these goals are due to the upcoming major purchases, such as a new car (28%), an international trip (10%), new furniture, major home appliances (8%), a new house, country cottage, or apartment (5%). About 7% of Russian households consider getting a loan to back some major purchases and another 12% of respondents are already saving up or planning to start saving up for major purchases next year.

New Year’s resolutions by 13% of respondents are about getting a new job, finding a job that is more challenging or a place where they’d get good compensation. Seeking to improve their financial position and become a better person, Russians are set to undergo more training or get another degree. Three percent are going to start their own company in 2020, and another 3% committed to moving to a different city.

Natalya Alymova, Senior Vice President and Head of Wealth Management Block, Sberbank,

“Family, health and finance are the main areas where people are expecting changes and making plans for. This is what determines the quality of life and well-being of people. And it’s crucial that people not simply think about it, but begin to actually do something to make this happen. According to the survey, 12% of those who plan big expenses next year are already saving up on them or plan to start doing that. The main 2020 promise Sberbank Wealth Management block is making is to help all our customers make their plans come true and achieve their goals. We will offer our clients new, simple and comprehensible tools that will help everyone take care of themselves and their loved ones with the help of personalized insurance products, save up with simple and convenient investment tools, and let every family acquire a good habit of taking care of their health and preventing sickness.”