Sber launches 24/7 online legal service

Nov 25, 2021

Sber has created SberPravo, a digital platform uniting suppliers and consumers of legal services, which guarantees that their interactions will be secure and convenient.

More than 2,000 lawyers and specialists from reliable law firms have joined SberPravo thus far, with another 26,000 associations of lawyers and 73,000 lawyers set to join later. The uniting of almost the entire legal community in Russia on one digital platform is possible because the SberPravo project is part of the cooperation agreement between Sberbank and the Russian Federal Bar Association.

SberPravo is a secure and convenient “service for life”. On the platform, you talk to a lawyer in a special chat, where you can discuss all issues in a relaxed way, without time limitations, exchange files, and receive documents. In addition, the platform’s format makes it possible to offer individual services at prices much lower than on the legal assistance market in general due to the fact that SberPravo actually organizes virtual workspaces where lawyers can search for clients without limitations, manage their cases, store documents, and increase ratings without spending money on advertising.

SberPravo currently offers services for almost any life situation, be it family, housing, property, money, land, administrative disputes, including when it comes to interaction with authorities, consumer protection, issues concerning motherhood and childhood, patronage and guardianship, calculation and payment of benefits, and many more.

Figuring out the service and field you need assistance in is easy – simply type your question in any way you see fit into the search bar or find a service in the catalog. You can also resort to descriptions of typical situations.

Moving forward, SberPravo is set to become a single service securing full-fledged legal support when the platform will be joined by notaries, translators, experts, mediators, and other specialists. SberPravo is scheduled to become the key venue with all legal services for Russian businesses.

Bella Zlatkis, deputy chair of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“Unfortunately, most people think going to a lawyer is like asking for advice. But advice, as a rule, is free of charge. A ‘free legal advice’ Google query returns over five million results. Pseudo-lawyers lure gullible clients and persuade them to sign contracts for large amounts of money. Getting a refund for imposed services is very difficult, so scammers like that do not risk anything.

“The platform will help consumers avoid the risks associated with legal services since the latter are not licensed in any way in Russia, which means that any organization or sole proprietor can provide them. SberPravo will undertake the verification of the degrees and qualifications of lawyers.”

Yuri Pilipenko, president, the Russian Federal Bar Association:

“In the era of digitalization, products like that are unavoidable. Since Sber is a pioneer in this field, the SberPravo platform is an excellent solution for people who are looking for a reliable source of qualified legal assistance online. For lawyers, platforms of this kind should become an additional means of realizing their professional competencies and a place for effective distance interaction with clients on a paid basis. This does not belittle the classic form of legal assistance in a face-to-face meeting between a lawyer and a client.”