Passengers of ‘Russia’ train can use Sberbank’s Pay with QR service to buy things on the road

Jan 19, 2021

Sberbank and Federal Passenger Company (FPC JSC, a Russian Railways subsidiary) have rolled out the Pay with QR service for public transport users for the first time. Thanks to the companies’ cooperation, non-cash payments using Pay with QR have become available on long-distance train # 1/2 "Russia" Vladivostok — Moscow, which runs along the longest route in the world. QR code payments should make traveling by this train more comfortable.

To use the Pay with QR service when buying beverages, candy, snacks, newspapers, and souvenirs, a passenger needs to open the SberBank Online app and scan a QR code on the price list available in each car. Then you choose the Pay with QR option, input the amount, and get your product from the conductor. Sberbank customers will get SberSpasibo reward points as loyalty program members and can convert them into Russian Railways reward points to redeem them when getting long-distance train tickets. The offering is also available to customers of other banks who use Sberbank’s QR platform.

Pay with QR lets you accept non-cash and proximity payments with bank cards without using any banking equipment or grid connection.

Dmitry Malykh, Acquiring Director, Sberbank:

“Pay with QR is currently popular among businesses of all sizes, from small corner store shops to major national networks, with the number of transactions reaching hundreds of thousands. In December alone, it was used to make over 350,000 purchases. Thanks to this partnership we’ve rolled out Pay with QR on public transport, letting passengers of the Vladivostok-Moscow train buy the products they need with cashless, wireless, and hence safe QR code payments.”

Stanislav Zotin, Deputy CEO, Federal Passenger Company:

“Federal Passenger Company keeps making railway transport more affordable, comfortable, and modern. We’re convinced that the non-cash payment service we’re introducing as part of our partnership with Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, will benefit the convenience of passengers traveling by train ‘Russia’ directly, making it even more comfortable.”

During phase one, the project has been implemented on # 1/2 "Russia" Vladivostok — Moscow long-distance train, which is the most popular one among the Sberbank customers in Russia’s Far East. Moving forward, stakeholders are set to roll out the QR code payment service on other routes.