Currency exchange rates at SberBank branches now on 2GIS maps

Sep 20, 2021

Sber ecosystem company 2GIS has added the current exchange rates to its maps, allowing users to find the closest SberBank branch and compare the exchange rates to pick the best one. The exchange rates will be updated online and simultaneously with the exchange rates in branches.

The all-new feature is available on the 2GIS website and 2GIS mobile app throughout Russia where the company has a footprint, with 4,900 SberBank branches on the map.

To see the exchange rate, just enable the Exchange Rates map layer. Additionally, the built-in currency calculator on enables website users to calculate the exact amount of exchanged currency by applying the current exchange rate.

Sergei Shirokov, director of the Borrow and Save Division, Sberbank:

“Travelers often put the currency exchange off until the last moment, but this routine better be left for Russia because predicting where you will be able to exchange money abroad and what the exchange rate will be is hard. However, you might need foreign currency immediately upon arrival, for example, to pay for a cab from the airport to the hotel. Choosing the best course and planning a route to a Sber branch is now even simpler. The integration of one of Russia’s most popular mapping service 2GIS into the Sber ecosystem has helped us introduce the new option. Moving forward, the benefits of this synergy will only grow, increasing the functionality and convenience of 2GIS for millions of customers.”