3 out of 4 people who use Salute virtual assistants in SberBank Online mobile app prefer to address them by voice

Oct 12, 2021

Sber has analyzed the data from the SberBank Online mobile app and learned that, in 75% of cases, clients prefer to formulate their requests vocally when addressing the Salute virtual assistants. The remaining 25% use their screen. The majority of screen taps are related to tips from the assistants as part of the ongoing user communication scenario. The recommendations help clients receive more information or formulate a query.

Informing clients about their personal finances is one of the Salute virtual assistants’ most popular skills in the SberBank Online app. Eighty-two percent of users who took advantage of this skill were interested in expense analysis. The Salute assistants help clients analyze their income and spending for a period of their choice, not just for a calendar month. The assistants can tell the client how much money they spent last weekend or over the entire year, and in which category. If the user just returned from vacation and wants to know how much they spent and how during their trip, all they need to do is say, “Salute, show me my spending over the last week.” The assistants will complement their answer with an interesting fact about the expenses, e.g., the client’s favorite place to make purchases or their most expensive transactions over this period. Clients can interact with the assistants using their voice or by typing out messages in the chat box.

In addition to expense analytics, 10% of users also asked about the funds on their accounts (“Salute, how much money do I have overall”?), 5% asked about future payments (“Salute, show me my upcoming payments.”), and 3% asked about their income (“Salute, how much money did I earn last month?”).

Anton Shatokhin, executive director, Personal Financial Planning, Sberbank:

“Managing your personal finances has traditionally been considered a complex and challenging undertaking. Modern solutions are here to help, streamlining finance accounting and control. Twenty-eight percent of all SberBank Online users use personal finance services on a monthly basis (spending analysis, calculating the total amount on their accounts, setting targets or budgets). We are actively building the capacities of the Salute virtual assistants, and their skills are growing. Their new abilities make personal financial management and other routine tasks even easier and more accessible with Sber.”

New scenarios for personal financial management with the help of the Salute virtual assistants were introduced in the SberBank Online app in September 2021. You can now ask the assistants about your incoming and outgoing payments, the total funds on your account, upcoming payments, and much more.